Welcome to Steem Place, a multi-tool website that allows you to do more.

  • Vote on posts other people votes
  • Follow some trails
  • Publish posts using more than 5 tags and a custom URL
  • Receive emails when you are mentioned in a post

And more will be added soon!

This website does not asks for your Steem password nor any of the keys (Except for when publishing a post, if you don't authorize @steem.place. Read more below). The account is completely separate from Steem and for security reasons, DO NOT USE YOUR STEEM PASSWORD WHEN SIGNING UP TO THIS SITE.

When you register and configure your account, you'll be asked to authorize the @steem.place account. This is only needed if you want to vote on posts people votes or posts trails you have selected to follow votes. Also, it prevents you having to manually typing your Private Posting key in the Publish section. If you don't wanna use any of these services, then you don't need to authorize @steem.place to your account.

This is a site offered by Witness @moisesmcardona. If you like this site, please consider voting him as Witness.